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In the Know: 2021 Beauty Trends

We all need a beauty makeover after a challenging year. As salons shuttered throughout the country, we were compelled to become our hairdressers, dermatologists, colorists, and doctors overnight. After a few poor box colors and homemade face masks, we adapted to primarily at-home beauty culture. We learned about the healing power of self-care as we practiced lymphatic drainage therapy, root touch-up, and eyebrow grooming. That’s why we’re excited about 2021, a year when our beauty knowledge will soar.

We’re officially saying goodbye to 2020 (goodbye) and welcoming a new generation with arms open and fresh trends. Luxury disinfectants, probiotics cosmetics, antimicrobial hair care products, and a return to natural hair are among the predicted beauty trends for this year. Let’s look at the rest.

Raised Hygiene Standards

Indeed, soap and sanitizer aren’t the most dazzling of the beauty subcategories, but where there is a need, there is grandeur. According to the report, beauty companies have already begun to join the area for the first time, and they are more opulent and exquisite than ever before. Not only will the fragrances and containers be improved, but experts predict that the formulas will become more appropriate (read: moisturizing) for skin as a result of this.

Hand sanitizers and soaps with abrasive ingredients were popular in 2020. This will alter in 2021 as the industry seeks to balance effectiveness and luxury that is less aggravating to the microbiota while maintaining efficacy.

Boom of Cosmetic Treatments

Weeks of gazing at ourselves in front of the camera have taken their toll on us. And we’re not only talking about the effects of Zoom fatigue; worries about “Zoom Face” are also becoming more prevalent. The site is flooded with Yelpers looking for cosmetic treatments that address face issues such as crow’s feet, noticeable eye bags, and dreadful forehead creases.

There has been an increase in demand for eye region procedures, with lower eyelid surgery being the most popular procedure to minimize the look of under baggy eyes. If you want a less invasive procedure, you can try getting a botox treatment. To decrease swelling and brighten the undereye area before coming into the office, it is suggested that you use eye lotions containing caffeine before coming in.

Clear, Natural, and Pure Beauty

Consumers are increasingly looking for companies that are as honest in their ingredient lists as they are in their goods’ natural ingredients. Clean beauty has been a growing topic of discussion in the industry since 2018. Yet, it is still a contentious, complex, and ever so mysterious matter that may make things more complicated than it can explain.

For example, the FDA and the EU have different lists of outlawed ingredients – the FDA lists 11, and the EU lists 1,328 – but more brands are emerging from the ambiguity with clean and straightforward strategies as customers tend to pay particular attention to the list of ingredients on the back of the carton.

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Customized Skincare

A recent Epsilon online poll of 1,000 customers aged 18-64 found customization attractive, with 80% of people responded they are more inclined to do business with a firm that provides customized experiences. Thanks to Artificial intelligence and two-way, data-driven dialogue, a new kind of hyper-personalization has blossomed in the cosmetics e-commerce sector.

Numerous instances emerged in the fourth quarter of 2019: La Roche-Posay unveiled their stick-on My Skin Track pH patch, which monitors pH levels and recommends targeted treatments through an app on a smartphone; SkinCeuticals showed designed Custom Dose corrective serums.

Embracing Natural Hairstyle

According to Pinterest’s 2021 Trends Predictions study, low-maintenance is the new high-heat, at least in terms of fashion. To be clear, this does not imply that you should abandon your flat iron and blow dryer altogether (if you like the blowout look, go for it), so you should not be scared to give your hair a rest by air-drying and appreciating your natural appearance.

Another public service announcement: braids are back! Braiding preventative, minimal, and beautiful methods will inspire pinners to become creative with their hairstyle. In addition to braiding, style gurus will give their particular style to their looks by using pearls or bright highlights.

Few things in this world annoy us more than the yearly cry for a “new year, new you.” (Wait, what does it mean?) But following the challenging year of 2020, we’ve found ourselves supporting at least part of the old cliché. A new year means a chance for something much more meaningful: a brighter future.

A new beginning is releasing the past and looking to tomorrow. So instead of dwelling on what might have been in 2020, let us concentrate on what is achievable in 2021. This means anticipating the many fascinating new hairs, cosmetics, and skincare trends that will likely disrupt the market and our everyday routines.

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