Wellness Strategies

How to Practice Mindfulness During Stressful Times

Yoga provides a space for tranquility and can be a game-changer during stressful moments. Practicing mindfulness meditation for 10 minutes a day can have profound benefits for mental and physical health.

How to Start Your Journey to Substance Abuse Recovery

Seek professional help, including therapists and counselors, substance abuse treatment centers, medical professionals, and online resources. Identify potential triggers for relapse. Create a support system of friends, family and professionals

General Anxiety Disorder: Everything You Need to Know About It

General Anxiety Disorder is characterized by excessive worrying about daily life events. Genetic predisposition, environmental factors, medical conditions, brain chemistry, and comorbidities can cause GAD. GAD can have comorbidities, including

5 Tips to Enhance Your Confidence and Self-esteem

Maintain body self-image with body treatments, grooming and clothing. Take on challenges to build confidence and self-esteem. Spend time with positive people to gain a more optimistic outlook. Practice mindful

The Essential Sections of Patient Care

Patient care is an essential field of medicine that helps countless people worldwide every year, requiring knowledge and skill to navigate, empathy, and understanding. Patient onboarding, registration, consent for treatment,

Maximizing Your Nutritional Potential: Best Practices

Maintain good dental health using Herbst Ortho and Invisalign to correct jaw alignment and bite problems. Ensure the right balance of macronutrients, like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, as well as

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