Safe Skin Treatments for People With Darker Skin

We are all unique, from the color of our eyes to our height and weight. And as diverse as we all are, we all have different skin colors, from fair to dark. In this video, we are going to learn about some skin care treatments that are created for those with darker skin. Just as our skin colors differ, the treatment of our skin also changes based on its color.

Those with darker skin types experience unique issues than those with lighter skin tones. Some of the most serious issues are dark spots and large pores. We are going to look at five different treatments that work well on those with darker skin.

The Pico II Laser is a great laser treatment for those looking to decrease fine lines in darker skin tones. For this treatment, the patient sees improved collagen and overall skin smoothness in just a couple of treatments. These lasers are safe and effective.

Radio Frequency or RF. This uses heat garnered from RF to get even firmer skin, a more consistent skin tone, and to improve fine skin lines.

Radio Frequency Microneedling or RFM. Darker skin has a thicker collagen layer and RFM uses a needle that reaches the dermis and helps with unwanted skin darkening. With this treatment, the heat is transferred in 0.5 seconds via a needle that has a protected coating that treats the underlayer while protecting the outer layer of the skin.

Hollywood Spectra: This treatment targets the pigment within the dermis and epidermis. It is usually done every 2-3 weeks to reduce enlarged pores, oily skin, and even the pigmentation of the skin.

Skin Care Acid: Many different kinds of acids are used to treat everything from pimples, fine lines and blackheads. These acids are anti-inflammatory and can regulate oil production.

If you have dark skin, you already understand that different products and treatments are more effective on your skin than others. One thing to remember when looking for a skin care plan: make sure the esthetician specializes in your specific skin type. You wouldn’t go to an Italian restaurant for Mexican food. The same goes for your skin.

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