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5 Pandemic Hacks to Staying Healthy Without Safety Compromise

The continuing COVID-19 pandemic made U.S. healthcare officials and federal government authorities aware of the different issues with the country’s healthcare system. These problems included interoperability glitches, an insufficient stockpile of PPEs, and inferior epidemic control protocols. Elsewhere in the world, similar shortcomings also became evident as countries struggled to keep up with the challenges posed by such a novel disease.

For their part, global health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) made vigilant and aggressive efforts to educate the public on ways to remain healthy while inside the home, particularly in urban areas where large swathes of human populations are located.

If you’re a parent and you’re particularly struggling to think of different ways to maintain your family’s excellent health during the pandemic without compromising safety, here are five tricks you should explore:

Avail of telemedicine

Telemedicine, also known as telehealth, is an emerging technology in the healthcare industry that seeks to offer patients with proper medical advice and services minus the face-to-face aspect. In light of the ongoing pandemic where transmissions occur during such close contacts, clinics that offer reliable telehealth therapy services are highly valued and sought-after.

The beauty of telehealth is that your family can safely connect with a healthcare professional to avail of consultative services as you remain inside your home. Specifically, telehealth therapies provide mental health remedies that are needed by a lot of people suffering from extreme emotional and psychological challenges.

If anyone in your family shows signs of anxiety, panic, and similar behavior, be sure to quickly connect with your local telemedicine therapy clinic for an appropriate response.

Healthy food still matters

There are perfectly logical and scientific reasons why nutritionists and health advocates recommend eating healthy food. If the history of human civilization is to be used as a basis, then it’s pretty obvious how humans are capable of achieving long life by consuming vegetables, fruits, fish, and other food that are devoid of chemicals.

Accordingly, you need to observe healthy food intake in the family throughout the pandemic and beyond. A balanced and healthy diet should consist of the ones already mentioned, plus limiting salt, saturated fat, and sugar intake.

If you have a family member with a unique health condition, then you need to consult with a registered nutritionist-dietitian to work out a custom meal/diet plan for that family member. This will ensure optimum health benefits from the food intake and not a one-size-fits-all approach since individuals have peculiar dietary and nutrition requirements.

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Observe mindfulness techniques

Despite it gaining contemporary mainstream recognition only recently, mindfulness techniques have been practiced for thousands of years by monks, shamans, and many other individuals from different civilizations.

Mindfulness techniques include breathing exercises, meditation, heightened awareness, and self-acceptance. Some of the finest physicians and health advocates strongly recommend these techniques due to their proven efficacy and ease of implementation.

These are all free and easy enough to develop as habits, which is why you should try them out soon as a family.

Find ways to be physically active at home

One of the dangers of being confined at home is being complacent with one’s physical condition. At home, it’s always too tempting to procrastinate and stay still. However, if you don’t want your family to develop health problems due to a sedentary lifestyle, then you must take the lead in getting everyone to become physically active.

Among the possible activities that you can do to work out your muscles and limbs include doing DIY-style home improvements, starting a vegetable or ornamental garden, doing weekly house and yard cleanups, and simple exercise routines such as pushups, jogging in place, and brisk walking around the house. In short, you hardly need to spend anything just to keep your blood flow going and your body busy.

Stay hydrated, sleep well, avoid vices

This triple combination can work like magic in keeping your entire family perfectly healthy no matter what the time of year.

By keeping yourself hydrated, you’ll have glowing skin, avoid headaches, and just feel energized throughout the day. Meanwhile, enjoying plenty of sleep hours each day will work wonders for your stamina and overall physical condition since you’re giving your body enough rest for it to get recharged. Finally, by staying away from tobacco, alcohol, and illicit substances, you’ll avoid a lot of problems that could only worsen an already dire situation.

Staying healthy amid the ongoing pandemic won’t be a walk in the neighborhood park, but it’s something you can achieve as a family. With these simple tricks, perfect health will be underway.

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