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Everyday Activities That Can Lead to Heat-Related Attacks and How to Prevent the Illness

People’s bodies are not built to last extreme temperatures. However, there are times when many people will expose themselves to harsh environments by their doing or otherwise. They might not even know they’re manifesting symptoms of a heat-related illness. Sometimes, it’s already too late to save them from the struggle.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heat-related illnesses are one of the most fatal weather-related illnesses health conditions in the United States. This is why you must not ignore this. The agency also reported that the United States had an average of 702 heat-related deaths from 2004 to 2018. This is indeed something that needs to be observed for its danger.

Being vigilant is one way people can reduce the risk of getting attacked by heat-related illnesses. You might not be aware, but you do things regularly that can make you prone to heat-related illness. Here are some of them and see how you can minimize the dangers of heat-related attacks:

Walking Outside

People walk not just as a workout. Most do this to get to their offices and jobs. Some even do this as part of their jobs. Some people want to take a stroll to get some fresh air and a nice street view. Walking has become a part of people’s lives. But this can also lead to danger.

Walking outside can expose you to the heat of the sun. The invisible heat waves also have the capability of making you feel uncomfortable. The hot environment can increase your body temperature by 103°F or more which is harmful. This can be a case of a heat stroke, and you need to address this quickly. If you enjoy walking, make sure to rest under a shade every once in a while. If it gets very heated, try to do it again on another day.

Working Out

Going to the gym is a hobby some people can’t get enough of. They can spend hours and hours in the fitness center to work on their physique. However, this activity that seems harmless might cause danger too. Exercise-related heat exhaustion can occur when your body temperature rises above normal. Yes, your body temperature can spike while working out. What happens is your body can no longer take the extra heat produced by exercise. Johns Hopkins Medicine said that this heat exhaustion could also escalate to heatstroke. That’s why it’s essential to beat the heat while doing your routines. Drink plenty of liquids in between sets so you can dehydrate. Wear clothes that aren’t made from heavy fabrics. These can be lightweight bodybuilding apparel or other workout clothes that can give your body room to breathe. The heat needs to be released in your body while doing your sets.

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Sleeping Inside the Car

This might not sound dangerous at first. Sleeping in your car is something many people have done while stuck in traffic. People also satisfy their sleepiness while on a cross-country trip. So how can sleeping inside the car lead to heat-related illness?

There’s a car tip that always pops up whenever children are involved. They always remind people not to leave their children unattended inside the vehicle. The reason for this is the temperature inside the car can get seriously high, which can harm the kids. It’s the same thing with adults. Sleeping in an environment without open airways can cause heat exhaustion. There’s also a possibility that your car is already facing direct sunlight while you’re sleeping. This can heat the interior of your car quickly. You might wake up feeling exhausted and dehydrated. If you’re going to try to sleep in your car, park your vehicle in a shaded area. Make sure that you’re drinking enough water, too, before sleeping. If you’re on a long journey, it might be better just to rent a room to stay the night. It’s much safer.

Living in Places with Unpredictable Weather

People who live in states that have unpredictable weather can suffer from sickness. Sudden exposure to high temperatures is not healthy at all. Your body might already get used to low temperatures. Abrupt exposure to a hot environment might cause disturbance in your body. What you can do to beat this is to have a reliable thermostat. It’s important to monitor the ambient temperature at home. This is an effective way to stabilize temperatures, so your body won’t have a hard time adjusting. Have this along with a dependable air conditioning system.

Your body can only tolerate the temperature that it can handle. Keeping it from being exposed to extreme heat is the only way to combat heat-related illnesses. If it’s something that you can’t avoid, you have to make sure that you’re doing preventive measures. Wear light clothing, rest somewhere cool, and always dehydrate.

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