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Are These Three Habits Sabotaging Your Mental Health?

Many things can harm your mental health. It can be the toxic people in your life, a recent traumatic event, physical trauma, or even drug abuse. But more often than not, the habits we’ve developed over the years are what further harm our mental health.

Certain habits can increase our risk of developing anxiety and depression. Others make us think of negative thoughts while some make you feel constantly stressed out. Changing the following habits can be a good way to start caring for your mental health.

Taking Exercise for Granted

We already know that a sedentary lifestyle is not good for your heart, brain, skin and waistline. But not everyone wants to admit that a lack of physical exercise can also be detrimental to your mental health. You may think you are already happy and contented with your life, but once you start living a healthy lifestyle, you will realize how great it can help give you feel a boost in a sense of well-being,.

Staying active allows your body to physically release your tension. It can help treat depression, treat your anxiety, and even break the stress cycle that causes physical pain. It can instantly boost your mood, make you feel happier, and sleep better at night.

The great thing about staying active is that there are tons of activities you can engage in. You can even do a couple of exercises even if you are pregnant or injured. A clinical Pilates class, for instance, is a great low-impact exercise class perfect for people who have poor posture, mobility issues, physical weakness, or injuries. Pilates engages your whole body, improves your awareness, and promotes relaxation and mindfulness which are all good for your mental health.

Tech Overuse

These days, only a handful can honestly say they are not addicted to technology. But for the rest of us, we actually breathe on it. Many won’t last a day without fumbling on their phones, browsing the internet, checking their emails, and using social media. This only goes to show just how much technology dominated our lives. The bad news is, tech overuse can affect our social, emotional, and mental health.

Different studies confirm that tech dependency is ruining relationships. Smartphones often become the third-wheel in relationships as some people can’t help but prioritize their phones. This makes other people feel neglected and fights can start just because one can’t spend quality time with the other without distractions.

Constant internet use makes people succumb to isolation. This is since they can always reach their loved ones and socialize with other people without leaving the comforts of their home. Some would compare themselves to others who seemingly show a perfect life on social media. This makes them more conscious, angry, jealous anxious, and depressed.

If we only take time to do a digital detox, then we can start improving our mental health. They say even a single day of leaving your phone and not using the internet will feel like a week’s worth of vacation. If we start using technology responsibly and not let take over our lives, then we will be happier and less stressed. We will have more time to nurture relationships and start improving ourselves instead of hating and envying the kind of life others want to portray on the internet.

Negative Self-talk


One of the most dangerous habits people have that can be detrimental to one’s mental health is constantly engaging in negative self-talk. Focusing on self-discrimination and self-blame demotivates you, makes you feel insecure, helpless, and worthless. It even stops you from realizing opportunities and in achieving your goals.

Remember that the things you tell yourself are not always the reality. Start being honest with yourself. Don’t be your own critic. If you think you are not good at something, work on improving yourself instead of wallowing in despair. Be neutral when talking to yourself and choose to be kinder to yourself.

When you feel like you can’t talk nice to yourself, stop the thought, and seek support from your loved ones. Remember that asking for help and support is not a sign of weakness, but an act of strength. You can also consider getting appropriate support from the pros; they can better assist you with your issues.

This list only goes to show how harmful some of our habits can be. If we continue nursing these three habits, then our mental health will continue to suffer. Make the smart switch by living a healthier lifestyle and engage in positive self-talk. Take some time off from technology and choose to nurture real relationships instead. Sometimes, all it takes to start boosting our mental health is to change our bad habits for the better.

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