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The Gross Truth About Bad Breath – And How To Cure It

Everyone gets bad breath from time to time. Whether it’s due to the food you ate, not enough water, or simply because you just woke up, there are different reasons why your breath might not be feeling too fresh.

But for some people, bad breath is a chronic problem. If you find yourself constantly having to pop mints or gum to make it through the day, then you might be wondering what’s causing your bad breath – and more importantly, how you can get rid of it for good. Keep reading to learn more about the causes of bad breath – and what you can do to freshen up your mouth for good.

The Causes Of Bad Breath

There are a few different things that can cause bad breath. The most common culprit is bacteria that builds up on your tongue. When this bacteria starts to break down, it can release foul-smelling gases.

Another common cause of bad breath is dry mouth. This happens when your saliva isn’t able to effectively wash away all the bacteria in your mouth. If you’re a mouth breather, suffer from allergies, or take certain medications (like antidepressants), you might be more prone to dry mouth and bad breath.

Missing teeth can also be a cause of bad breath. When you lose a tooth, the space it leaves in your mouth can become a breeding ground for bacteria. This bacteria can then cause bad breath and other dental problems. Additionally, it can also be difficult to clean your teeth properly if you have missing teeth, which can also lead to bad breath

Certain medical conditions can also cause bad breath. If you have diabetes, kidney failure, or liver disease, you might be more likely to experience bad breath as a result. Additionally, certain types of cancer can also cause bad breath

Finally, certain foods can also cause bad breath. This is especially true of foods that are high in sulfur, like garlic and onions. If you’ve ever had “garlic breath” after eating a dish with lots of garlic, then you know first-hand how certain foods can affect your breath.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath For Good

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So now that you know what causes bad breath, let’s talk about how to get rid of it. The first step is to practice good oral hygiene habits by brushing and flossing regularly – at least twice a day. This will help remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth and gums, and will also help keep your tongue clean. In addition to brushing and flossing, be sure to use a tongue scraper every day to remove any buildup on your tongue.

Another way to keep your mouth clean and free of bad breath is by using chlorhexidine mouthwash every day. Chlorhexidine is an antibacterial agent that can help kill the bacteria that cause bad breath. You may also want to try using a tongue brush or tongue scraper after you use mouthwash to remove any residual bacteria. Just be sure to follow the directions on the bottle carefully – using too much chlorhexidine can lead to staining of your teeth!

If you’re missing teeth, see a dentist as soon as possible. A dentist can help replace your missing teeth with dental implants or bridges, which will help keep your mouth healthy and free from bacteria. Always make sure to brush and floss your artificial teeth just like you would your natural ones!

Lastly, if you have chronic dry mouth, there are a few things you can do to help increase saliva production. Chewing sugar-free gum or sucking on sugar-free hard candies can help stimulate saliva flow (just be sure not to avoid sugary gum and candy as they can make dry mouth worse). You can also try using an over-the-counter saliva substitute like Biotene Oral Balance Gel to help relieve dry mouth symptoms. Just apply the gel directly to your tongue and gums as needed throughout the day.

Bad breath can be an embarrassing problem to have, but luckily there are a few things you can do to get rid of it for good. The first step is to practice good oral hygiene habits by brushing and flossing regularly. You should also use a tongue scraper every day to remove any bacteria from your tongue. In addition to practicing good oral hygiene, you can try using chlorhexidine mouthwash or a saliva substitute like Biotene Oral Balance Gel. If you’re missing teeth, it’s important to see a dentist as soon as possible. Lastly, if you have chronic dry mouth, there are a few things you can do to increase saliva production. So don’t worry – with a little effort, you can get rid of bad breath for good!

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