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Veneers or orthodontics?

When it comes to getting a better smile, many people consider two possible treatment options: veneers or orthodontics.  Veneers in London have become very popular in recent years as a means of improving the appearance of teeth.  Orthodontics today offers a range of options for patients of all ages who want to get a smile they can be proud of.  This guide explores both kinds of treatment to help patients ascertain what may be the best option for them.


Veneers are an ideal solution for many people who have teeth that are chipped, broken, badly stained or that feature gaps.  They are a means of covering the teeth to make them look more uniform and attractive.  These covers are usually made of porcelain, they are thin shells that can transform the appearance of teeth.


The process for getting veneers is relatively straightforward.  The patient goes into the surgery to have their teeth prepared for the application of the veneers.  This involves removing a little of the enamel to provide the ideal surface for attaching these new structures.  The dentist then applies temporary covers while the veneers are made.  They are made using an exact record of the patient’s teeth which allows them to fit perfectly.

Long lasting

When the patient who has had veneers fitted takes good care of their teeth with daily brushing and flossing, they can last for many years.  However, they may need to be replaced after around ten years or so.  The length of time this treatment lasts for is very much dependent on the patient on an individual basis and their oral hygiene as well as lifestyle choices.


Once the preserve of teenagers, orthodontics is now accessible to people of all ages who have teeth that feature gaps, are crooked or protruding.  Traditional braces are still in use as a very successful solution that can treat virtually any issue when it comes to the misalignment of teeth.  They feature metal wires that are held in place by brackets and are permanent fixtures for the duration of treatment.

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Inman aligner

The Inman aligner is a popular alternative to traditional braces.  It is a removable device that slots into the mouth and which can be taken out for eating and cleaning.  Many people choose this because the treatment time is so rapid.  Lots of patients have the results they want after just two or three months.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are often chosen by people who are concerned about the idea of wearing obvious braces.  Rather than worrying about others noticing that they are having orthodontic treatment, they get a brand-new smile in a very discreet way using invisible braces.

Invisible braces or clear aligners are made of trays of plastic that slot over the teeth.  The trays are created to fit the patient exactly and apply subtle pressure at various points that help the teeth to move into a better position.  They are swapped every couple of weeks until the treatment is complete.

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