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Dental Implants And Diet

2022 is the year of well-being, or was that 2021? Who knows? The point is the further in time we go, the more we become obsessed with our well-being; mental, physical, or emotional, you name it, we’ve got an Instagram account or Twitter tweeter with all the info on how to get super well with wellness. That sounds a little down on wellness – which we’re definitely not. Though it can be a little overwhelming at times, wellness can seriously benefit the health of your teeth, and finding the links between wellness and dental implants West Bridgford begins with diet.

Why Are Dental Implants And Diet Linked?

There are a couple of reasons I want to highlight these two topics together – the first being that you’ve most probably ended up with dental implants West Bridgford partly due to a poor diet. The second reason is that in order to maintain the health of your implants, it is crucial that you actively choose a healthy balanced diet.

Why Could Poor Diet Lead To Dental Implants?

Well, you know how everyone has been bangin’ on about sugary sweets and acidic drinks for years and years? It’s because they are actually bad for your teeth. I know – it’s rubbish. But seriously, sugar and acid are big problems for the health of our teeth and gums; they attack the surface of the enamel and even begin to destroy the gums by building up plaque. Many people in the UK still have issues with decay and gum disease because of sugar and acid, and just drinking cola from a straw (though a good thing) isn’t going to tackle the long-term impact high sugar diets are going to have on our teeth. If your high sugar diet persists, then there is likely going to be decay and gum disease, which, if left untreated, could be the reason you’re turning to implants.

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Implants And A Balanced Diet

If you’ve done something amazing for yourself and invested in dental implants, then I’m sure you’d want to keep them nice and safe, right? Well, taking a look at your diet could be a way for you to maintain the health of your implants in the long run.

Ingesting lots of sugar and acidic drinks could cause your implants to fail and fall out; that’s not to say you can’t ever have these things, but moderation is essential! And maybe keep a toothbrush handy as well.

There are foods out there that can actively help the development of your teeth and even help keep your mouth clean. For example, dairy and protein contain all the natural goodness to help develop enamel and bone health; wonderful for your implants. Then you’ve got all that delicious, crunchy veg; carrots, broccoli, peppers, courgette, cabbage, kale, and cucumber are all packed full of water and take some chewing, which can encourage your saliva glands to kick into action! Saliva keeps the mouth clean and washes away the bad bacteria in between the teeth and gums.

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