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Exercises to Explore for Better Health and Weight Loss

For some people who aren’t athletes or fitness enthusiasts, exercising can be intimidating. You might be buying workout clothes and joining the gym scene one moment and ditching exercise altogether the next.

When you’re a beginner, it’s completely normal to be overwhelmed or feel defeated after a few tries. For others, time would be their enemy, as they struggle to find exercises that will fit into their busy lifestyles. Some also get bored after a few weeks of sticking to a routine.

If you find yourself heading straight back to your couch with just the thought of running by treadmills, lifting weights, or doing squats, it may not be your lack of commitment that’s weighing you down.

You may be just doing exercises you don’t enjoy. The truth is that you don’t need to run marathons or go to the gym every day to stay fit and healthy. Even light but regular workouts can do wonders for your health. You can look for a professional who has taken fitness CEUs for personal training so that you can consult about a fitness plan based on your goals and interests.

This article will discuss the best exercises to help with weight loss, bone strength, flexibility, and range of motion. Some of these exercises can even help you sleep better and manage your mood.

Brisk walking

Walking is a simple yet powerful exercise that almost everyone can do. Taking leisurely walks daily can improve your cholesterol levels, keep your blood pressure in check, improve your mood, and even strengthen your bones. What’s more, walking can do wonders for your memory.

But if you’re looking to lose weight or up your fitness game, you can mix it up with brisk walking too. Once you get the hang of walking or brisk walking for 15 minutes a day, you can try picking up the pace and lengthening your workout to 30 minutes to an hour. Also, make sure you maintain the proper form and wear the appropriate shoes so you can make the most of this workout.

Tai chi

Tai chi is a beautiful martial art/workout that’s both graceful and challenging. It combines slow, deliberate movements and breathing exercises that can be good for mental and physical health. Add to that the self-defence moves you’re going to learn along the way.

Often dubbed as “meditation in motion,” tai chi has been proven to improve flexibility and range of motion, reduce pain and risk of injury, and encourage blood circulation. Tai chi is also a very accessible workout that it’s a popular option for older adults and even those with joint and mobility problems.

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Yoga is an all-around exercise that can be easy for beginners. Because yoga has varying levels, it can be easier to get started and progress into more complex and challenging poses. What’s more, guided yoga classes are not easily accessible via YouTube and online yoga studios.

The benefits of yoga are far-reaching. It can help with weight management, relaxation and sleep, blood flow, strength and endurance, flexibility, focus, and stress management. Once you start practising yoga, you’ll feel a lot better, lighter, and more flexible, enough to have the energy to perform more challenging, high-impact workouts like cardio and HIIT.


If you’re looking for a good cardio exercise that doesn’t involve treadmills or running outdoors, then swimming is your next best option. Swimming feels like an easy workout because the water’s buoyancy takes the strain off your muscles and joints. This makes swimming a great workout for people with arthritis.

In addition to the many benefits of aerobic and cardiovascular exercises, swimming also promotes mental wellness. It can help balance out your mood and help you sleep better. What’s more, it’s an efficient way to burn calories and tone your muscles.

Strength training

Any weight-bearing exercise may seem daunting, but it can help keep your muscles strong and maintain a healthy weight. As you age, your muscles will start to weaken, especially if they are left dormant.

But that doesn’t mean you should bulk up and load up on weight protein on your first day. You can sign up for a starter weight training program or exercise systems that use weights like Pilates. After that, you’ll naturally progress to heavier weights. You’ll be amazed by how fast you can burn calories and tone up by simply lifting weights or doing weights-assisted exercises.

Physical activity is an essential part of optimizing your physical and mental health. You may not feel the effects of a sedentary lifestyle now, but things will start to catch up to you when you hit your 30s.

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