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Five Common Summer Skin Issues and Ways You Can Prevent Them

Summer is among the most awaited season each year. You get to come out of your home to play under the sun and enjoy the warm waters at the beach or on your very own pool. But if there is one thing many people dread once the hot season is here is the possibility of having to deal with certain summer skin problems.

From sunburns to dry, irritated skin, the list goes on. What can you do to avoid such issues from stopping you to enjoy the warm weather? Here are a few ways you can address the following summer skin issues.

Dry, sensitive skin

Oftentimes, dry and irritated skin is caused by an underlying medical condition. It is important to check first if you do have an existing skin condition that leads to dry skin that is also fairly sensitive. But if it only happens during the summer, then the hot weather, humid air, your air-conditioning and even the chlorine in the pool could be the culprit. What you can do is always wear a moisturizing sunscreen and to practice proper skincare after swimming outdoors. Don’t forget to invest in a good face moisturizer for dry, sensitive skin to prevent your skin from drying up and avoid irritation.

Heat rash

Since it can get extremely hot during the summer, it is only normal that you sweat even if you are barely moving. When your sweat glands get blocked with sweat, it builds up underneath your skin. This tiny itchy rash is what we call heat rash or prickly heat. To prevent yourself from getting heat rash, avoid sweating profusely, keep yourself cool and wear loose-fitting clothes made up of light-weight materials. You can also opt for topical ointments if you want instant relief.


 Acne breakouts

We sweat a lot when it is hot. When sweat, oils, dirt, and bacteria clog up your pores, this can lead to an acne breakout. What you can do to prevent this is to make sure you only use a clean towel to pat your face dry. Refrain from using oil-based skin cleansers, moisturizers, and makeup. Non-comedogenic products work best in helping you unclog pores and reduce acne. If all else fails, check in with your skin doctor.


So you spent a fun day outdoors wearing bare shoulders and short shorts. Now, you’re left with red and painful sunburns. The best way to prevent this is by staying out of the heat of the sun as much as possible. If you do need to go outside, wear sunscreen with zinc oxide and an SPF of at least 15.  If you already have a sunburn, you can try a couple of sunburn remedies to treat your sunburn at home.


This condition is commonly known as an uneven skin tone. This may be a harmless skin condition, but the darkening can affect your confidence. You can prevent this by staying out of the sun between 10 in the morning until four in the afternoon and by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

These are but five common skin problems many people experience during the summer. By taking preventive measures, you can avoid these problems from ruining your summer. If you do succumb and are now sporting a sunburn, has hyperpigmentation or is battling any skin problem, the best way to treat them is by consulting a dermatologist for help.

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