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Get Sweaty For Mental Health: Exercising For Your Mind

While many people are aware of how exercise grows their physical strength and improves their health, they often don’t know that there are exercises that can help their mental health, too. This is important nowadays, especially in our stressful environment. If you want to build up your mental strength and help relieve some mental strain you face, here are some exercises that can provide some assistance with your mental issues.


The ancient Indian exercise regimen is probably the first that comes to mind when you are looking for an exercise with mental benefits. The stretches that this exercise can put your body through pushing it to its limits while also mixing in mental exercise. It all depends on the yoga type you follow For example, Ashtanga yoga is a variation that builds your muscles more while other yoga versions may emphasize flexibility and paying attention to your body. You need to be fully aware of how your body functions if you want to get the most out of it. This is part of developing mindfulness and can help put you into that mindset.

The key behind it is breathing. The deep rhythmic breathing that yoga uses puts your mind into a state of relaxation. Combine it with the movements of the exercise and your body’s muscles will feel at ease while your mind calms down. Besides breathing, your body will feel like a puzzle that needs solving. As you bend and move towards the perfect positions, being aware of this can sharpen your mind.


As a child in the womb, people swam in the amniotic fluid. In this state, people were carefree and didn’t have any burdens. Being enveloped by water, especially when it is warm, can duplicate this. This is the reason why swimming is such an effective way to relieve stress. Besides duplicating the womb, swimming creates a natural high since it helps release endorphins in the blood. This is a great thing for people who suffer from depression. Even simple wade in the pool every day can have that effect. You don’t have to be swimming full-bore every time. Additionally, swimming can get your blood pumping. This can be great for your brain as it receives more oxygen and can see an improvement in its performance as more blood flows through it.


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Another mood booster that can help with your mental health through tough times is dancing. While not a traditional exercise, dancing can be a very strenuous workout. The main benefit of dancing for your mental health is that it is very fun. Even if you are not a good dancer, moving to music can help with your mood.

Depending on the sort of dancing you are doing, there are several ways that dancing can boost your mental fitness. For one, if you are freestyling, then you are exercising your creativity as the music picks up. This is great for those who want to work on their quick-thinking skills. For more traditional dances, learning the movements can help your memory. Memorizing can be difficult as you grow older but activities like dancing can help keep your mind sharp for the future.

An additional benefit to all these is that you would be able to meet new people. Dancing is a social activity and while you can’t have the massive gathering of the past, dancing can still introduce you to quite a few people who can be your friends. Increased social contact can be a great way to relieve your troubles.

HIIT Workouts

In the beginning, High-Intensity Interval Training can be very stressful. During these workouts, people push themselves to their limits that adds another layer of stress to their life. But this can change as your body adapts. In the end, your body becomes familiar with all the stress you put it under. This reduces its effects and allows you to concentrate better.

The other great thing about HIIT workouts is how you can mentally sign-out. Instead of focusing on the exercise, you let your body go into auto-pilot. The simplicity of the exercises in the regimen makes it so easy to perform that you can do it without paying attention. This reduces the stress on your mind and it is liberating to turn the mind off some times.

In Eastern philosophies, the mind and body are one. By using these exercises to help with your mental health, you are showing how people can stay fit and healthy, in both mind and body. Start now and see the change in your life.

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