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How Can Having a Website Boost My Practice?

When you are running a dental practice, or any business for that matter, you will always want to be looking for new potential clients. There are many ways in which you can do this, but one of the best is by using dental websites.

What’s included?

There are so many useful things that you can include in these, whether it be information, decoration, pictures, videos, blogs and more. There are so many possibilities, and each detail can be a great contribution to potential business growth.

Contact information

This is one of the best things you can include on your page, as if someone is browsing and finds your page, and is interested in one of your treatments, they have a direct list of your contact details there ready to go.

Inviting theme and layout

It is important that your website is inviting to the user, as sometimes, if a web page is too busy and full of information, it will deter them from continuing. Whereas if you have a tidy, colourful theme with a good mixture of pictures and no overabundance of information, they are more likely to continue using your website for dentists.

Online booking

using phone and laptop

This is a great feature that you can add to your page, as this will allow someone to instantly book an appointment for your dental practice if they wish to. This simply makes it easier for a

potential new client to move forward if they are interested in a treatment.

Before and after

By adding before and after pictures of treatments that have been carried out at your practice, this shows the quality of the work you provide. It proves to the potential new client that you can perform these treatments, and that the patient looks great afterwards. This is especially useful for cosmetic treatments, as people want to know that they will receive good quality dental work before proceeding. It gives potential new clients faith that they will be in good hands.


When you are running dental websites, you have the ability to access statistical tools to see how well your page is doing. You can find out all sorts of information such as how many total visitors your page has had, how many daily visitors, which times are the most popular for people visiting, the gender of these visitors, which section of your website is the most popular and so much more! All of these features can allow you to identify which parts of your website are doing the best, and which ones may need some more improvement.

A blog

Having an active blog on your web page can be useful in helping to humanise your dental practice. By posting updates on there about treatments given and the functioning of your dental surgery, this shows that you are real people working in a functioning practice, which builds trust.

Patient reviews

Adding reviews from actual people who have had treatments done at your practice can also be very useful. It gives people more faith in the quality of your dental work and customer service if you have good reviews on your website, so it’s definitely worth it.

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