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Matters of Mouth: 3 Reasons Why People Need to See an Orthodontist

People wear braces for a lot of reasons. Their motivations for undergoing such treatment vary depending on their dental condition as well as the treatment needed. At times like this, a lot of their initial reaction would be to go to a dentist when in fact it is an orthodontist they must seek. Even until now, many are still not fully aware of how a normal dentist is different from an orthodontist.

That’s why to truly understand what an orthondotist can do, you have to know what condition can they help you with. To do that, here’s a list of common reasons why patients go seek their expertise.

Fix Teeth Gaps or Spacing

An orthodontist fixes gaps or spaces between teeth. This condition is usually caused by missing or irregular tooth formation. Although this falls on a person’s aesthetic form, patients go to them to help them project a better oral image. There are also cases where patients have a hard time pronouncing certain words such as those with “s” or “t.” The only way to deal with this problem is when they receive treatment from a licensed orthodontist in Redwood City.

Treat Underbite or Overbite

Unlike gaps on teeth, underbite and overbite are a dental condition that goes beyond being a cosmetic issue. Those who are suffering from any of these may lead to severe oral problems. It is said that those who have it bad often struggle to eat properly, speak fluently as well as experience severe pain on the jaw area.

For those who don’t know what this condition is, an underbite is a dental condition wherein the lower teeth protrude forward. Overbite, on the other hand, is when the front or upper teeth extended significantly forward. An orthodontist will then retract the jaw to align it back with the teeth’s structure properly.



Correct Misaligned Teeth

Misaligned teeth, also known as malocclusion, is a serious dental condition. This is caused by having too many teeth erupting in the jaw. Because of this, experts also refer to the condition as crowding. While a patient is often required to undergo tooth removal, this alone cannot fix the condition. Treatment for a patient varies depending on the type of malocclusion they have. Severe cases may even require bonding, capping, reshaping and dental surgery.

People who have malocclusion often experience pain, excessive tooth decay, speech troubles, and may even develop bad breath. At which point, it is recommended that they get treated immediately to fix and avoid oral problems from appearing.

These are some of the conditions an orthodontist specializes in. If by chance, you happen to experience any of which, it’s best to consult one as soon as possible. Although there are conditions that may deem harmless, dealing with bite and misaligned jaws can cause discomfort and inconvenience. Even better if you make it a habit to visit a dental clinic on a regular basis. This is so you can avoid any future problems with regards to your oral and dental health.

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