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Top Three Beauty Problems That People Suffer from Due to the Pandemic

Maskne, acne, dandruff, dry skin, red patches… These are just the beauty problems that we are now experiencing because of the pandemic. No thanks to the stress of having to live during a pandemic, people are becoming agitated, and this shows on their skin. Your normally glowing skin may now be full of red patches and acne. Dandruff? You have those, too. In fact, it keeps you up all night because your scalp is so itchy you want to peel it off your head.

The stress that the pandemic brought people is manifested in the top beauty and skin problems that many are experiencing now. Staying at home may have done your family good as it kept you close and safe in the past year. But imagine what the past almost one-and-a-half years have been. People are not only worried about their health and livelihood. They are also worried about their children’s future, their businesses, their investments, and so much more. If you’re experiencing dandruff and hair loss, stress is one of the major reasons for them.


The term maskne is derived from the words mask and acne. Acne and rashes appear on the part of the face that the mask covers. Your chin and cheeks may be having tiny rashes because of wearing a mask for too long. When you breathe or talk inside the mask, you release hot air. That causes moisture inside the mask, which creates a damp environment. That environment is a breeding ground for things like acne.

It’s not only the hot air that causes acne and rashes. The pressure and friction the mask creates on your skin will also cause chafing and irritation. However, since you cannot avoid wearing a mask, especially with the Delta variant now a dominant strain, you need to take precautions to prevent maskne.

First, you have to clean and wash the mask if you’re using a washable one. Second, take mask breaks when possible and safe. Third, don’t wear makeup under the mask. Fourth, don’t pick at the zits. Fifth, switch to a silk face mask although cover that one with a surgical mask outside. And finally, moisturize often so that your skin won’t chap. If possible, use a night serum for the face.

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Even if you are not wearing masks all the time, acne breakout is still possible because of staying at home too much. Indoor air is very dry. That breaks the skin’s barrier and promotes inflammation. The air inside the home is also full of gaseous pollutants and toxins. Those are not good for the skin as they create pore blockages and breakouts.

Make sure you have the right humidity at home. Use a humidifier or dehumidifier, depending on the circumstances of the indoor air. Also, open the doors and windows to allow the air to circulate. There are many reasons why you are suffering from acne breakouts, but it almost always has to do with how poor the quality of the air is inside the home.

To address these skin abrasions, use a moisturizer to keep your skin supple. Wash your face with gentle facial soap, too. Make sure not to use products that have harsh chemicals on the skin, no matter how “effective” they claim to be. If worse comes to worst, go to a therapist to have a facial treatment that will address the acne problems.

Dandruff and Hair Loss

When your scalp has dandruff, the hair becomes brittle, and you experience hair loss. Many people are suffering from dandruff and hair loss during the pandemic. The first cause is stress. Have you noticed how you get dandruff when you are too stressed? It’s a common cause of dandruff.

The second reason is too much washing or too little washing. When you wash your hair too much and use products on the scalp, those will collect and create the flakes you see on your scalp. On the other hand, not washing will also create a layer of dirt on your scalp that’s a breeding ground for dandruff, redness, and many other things.

Wash your hair thrice a week with an anti-dandruff shampoo. Don’t use hot water on your hair. Cold water is better to shake off dandruff from your scalp. Use also a brush with soft bristles so brushing won’t break the hair strands.

The stress from the pandemic is, yes, resulting in many skin problems. The idea is to have a skincare routine that works for you during the pandemic. That routine might be different from what you followed before, so consult with your dermatologist and read reviews and recommendations.

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