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Why Do Some Patients Hate Wearing Dentures?

Dentures are a necessity for many people who have lost their teeth. Unfortunately, they aren’t as popular among denture wearers as dental implants or bridges are. This is because dentures can be uncomfortable to wear, difficult to eat with, making the wearer feel old. On the other hand, this article will show you ways in which you can overcome these challenges, so keep reading until the end.

They’re Hard to Eat With

One of the biggest reasons patients say they hate wearing dentures is that they can be hard to eat with. Dentures are held in place by suction, so if you’re not careful with how you bite down, your denture may shift or come out ultimately. This can make eating difficult — especially if you don’t want to re-insert it every time!

Additionally, dentures are often uncomfortable because of how they fit and your mouth’s shape. The material used to make them is also more porous than natural teeth, so it doesn’t have good shock absorbency — meaning that biting into something hard could cause pain or injury (such as chipped teeth).

They Can Be a Total Hassle

Dentures’ daily hassles are another reason patients prefer not to wear them. Dentures require special cleaning and storage, more frequent visits to the dentist, and a greater level of care than natural teeth do. Dentures also can be challenging to put in and take out because they’re not part of your body. If you try to put them in for a while, your mouth is dry, and they may become stuck. If you leave them for too long, they may become uncomfortable or painful.

Since dentures don’t fit as well as natural teeth do, it’s easier for food particles to get trapped between them and the gum line—which means bacteria growth will occur more readily under your gums! Dentures can be a big hassle, and many patients complain about them most of the time. So, instead of having your dentures regularly checked by your dentist, why not ask your doctor to perform a dental implant on you? With the right dental implants and advice from your dentist, you can say goodbye to your dentures and hello to a new set of natural-looking teeth!

They Make You Feel Old

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If you are an adult, it may make you feel like a time has passed you can never recapture that. This can make one feel old or “behind the times,” especially if they were accustomed to having all their teeth until they became ill or injured, which led to the need for dentures. When wearing dentures makes you feel like an old person and not like yourself anymore, it could lead to depression because your appearance has changed so much from what it was before losing teeth due to disease or injury.

Many patients avoid going out in public because of this reason alone. However, if dental health is not maintained correctly, problems will occur, such as gum disease and tooth decay, which could lead to needing another set of false teeth sooner than expected!

Dentures Look Unnatural

The first problem is that dentures look unnatural. The average patient will wear the same pair of dentures for 10 to 12 years, and during that time, they will have a periodontist regularly clean their gums. They may also have a particular type of toothbrush made specifically for cleaning underneath their dentures. Despite these precautions, patients can still develop bad breath and oral tissue decay due to bacteria buildup on their gums from food particles collecting under their dentures every time they eat or drink something hot or cold.

Additionally, patients who wear full-arch (upper and lower) prosthetics will have trouble speaking because it takes too long for air to travel through the artificial mouth structure; this causes speech impairments like stuttering and lisping. The second problem is that they can cause bone loss and jawbone shrinkage. Since the mouth is so vital for chewing, speaking, and swallowing, it takes a lot of effort to eat with dentures.

This exertion can cause people to lose weight and develop malnutrition over time. And because dentures do not fit snugly into the mouth as natural teeth do, patients will often clench their jaws to keep their prosthetics in place—leading to even more health problems down the road.

Dentures Can Be Embarrassing to Wear in Public

You’re not alone if you feel self-conscious about wearing dentures. Dentures can be embarrassing to wear in public and make you feel less confident about your appearance. Dentures are also not as attractive as natural teeth, so some people prefer to wear them for special occasions and only when needed. Moreover, the cost of a complete set of dentures is expensive —it can cost several thousand dollars if done at a dental clinic.

But you don’t have to wear your dentures all the time or pay a lot of money for them. Many types of removable dentures can be used instead of traditional full sets. The most common type of removable denture is a partial denture. Partial dentures are made to fill the gap left behind by missing teeth, and they’re usually made from acrylic or plastic. They can be secured with metal clasps that fit over your gums or small suction cups that attach to your bone.

The main advantage of partial dentures is that they are relatively inexpensive. You can get a set for about $1,000 at most dental clinics and have them fitted in just one appointment. They’re also easy to wear because they fit snugly over your existing teeth.


If you’re considering wearing dentures, be sure to talk with your dentist about the available options. Good dental hygiene can help keep them fresher-smelling and cleaner, making them more comfortable to wear over time. Having a good fit for your dentures is also vital, so they don’t bother you as much during mealtime or when talking with others.

Dentures aren’t limited only to older adults either. Many younger patients also opt for this solution for cosmetic reasons (such as having missing teeth due to an accident).  Still, all patients must know their options before deciding how best to treat their dental problems!

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