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Pet Ownership: Never Easy but Truly Worth It

The relationship between a human being and an animal can be fascinating. It may be logical to think that we can only form relationships with other human beings. But our relationships with our pets disprove that.

While it is common to have animals for companions, this was not always the case. Around 12,000 years ago, humans were hunter-gatherers. Humans hunted animals and depended on them for food.  It’s not exactly similar to the loving relationship between humans and animals we see today.

Over time, animals became domesticated. People kept animals for companionship, food supply, and work assistants. It is said that wolves were the first animals to be domesticated by humans. There is also evidence of a 14,000-year old dog burial that suggests prehistoric humans kept dogs as companions.

This domestication has led to thousands of people with pets in their homes. Dogs and cats are arguably the most popular choice for pets. In 2018, there were over 470 million dogs and 370 million cats kept as pets worldwide.

Why Do People Keep Pets?

Keeping pets can be surprisingly helpful for your well-being. For one, having pets is said to have significant benefits for our mental health because they are great companions that help us avoid loneliness. Having them around can also relieve stress.

Apart from the mental health benefits, having pets is also observed to help with our physical health because people with pets are more likely to exercise. This results in lower levels of blood pressure and cholesterol.

Our furry friends add a bit of brightness to our days. And along with this comes many health benefits that help us live better lives. It is no wonder why so many people keep dogs and cats.

What Does Pet Ownership Entail?

But of course, keeping pets isn’t all fun and games. Keep in mind that these are living creatures that have needs. Owning a pet entails changes that every aspiring pet owner is willing to go through.

These furry creatures can sometimes have demanding needs. They can even affect your health negatively, as some pets trigger hay fever and other allergic reactions.

Of course, you can always treat hay fever. But some people are willing to keep pets despite their allergies. With that, let’s discuss what it takes to have dogs and cats as pets.

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Recognizing the Responsibility

The first step in preparing for a pet is to recognize the weight of the responsibility. Aspiring pet owners need to know that having a pet is not an easy job. They need to be willing to attend to their pets’ needs.

Mindset is crucial when it comes to owning a pet. Some people only want pets because of their appearance. Some animals, especially furry ones and babies, can be adorable. As humans, we are programmed to find cute objects and animals appealing.

If you want to own pets, you should keep them for reasons beyond satisfying your want for cuteness. You should be willing to take care of these living creatures and look out for their well-being.

Living Space

To start, aspiring pet owners should make sure that they have space to keep their pets. Dogs and cats need space for their various activities. They need a comfortable space where they can rest.

It is ideal for people to keep their dogs and cats indoors. Keeping them indoors makes sure they are protected from outdoor elements. This also ensures that they get to socialize with their owners.

Of course, they need to have some outdoor time, too. Being out allows pets to exercise and eliminate bodily wastes. With that, they should have enough space indoors and enough time outdoors.

Health and Grooming

Owners are also responsible for their health and grooming. Dogs and cats are often subjected to health conditions that can lead to their untimely deaths. With that, aspiring pet owners should be willing to take them to veterinarians to check on their health.

Also, these furry friends need to be groomed from time to time. Their grooming affects their health. There are grooming services that help with this need. All this entails monetary expenses. Aspiring pet owners should be willing to spend money for their pets’ health.


Also, it is the owner’s responsibility to create a safe environment for their pets. They need to keep them away from harm. Dogs and cats are often victims of car accidents. They are also in danger during natural calamities. Owners need to be alert about the safety of their pets in every situation.

General Care

Aspiring pet owners should also be willing to put in the work on their general care. A pet requires much care. They need to be fed and bathed. Pets also need to exercise. People should be ready and willing to do all this if they want to have pets.

Pet Care Demands Time and Money

At the end of the day, having pets requires financial preparation and commitment. They demand much of owners’ money and time. And aspiring pet owners should be willing to give it to them.

Your furry friends value you, so it is only suitable that you take good care of them. Of course, it will never be easy, but it will surely be worth it.

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