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The 7Ps of dental marketing for personalised dental websites

Digital dental marketing is the most effective method of attracting new patients since the establishment of Google and other search engines where everyone searches for their answers on the internet. You need a fantastic dental website so that each time a person in your geographical vicinity is looking for answers to their dental needs they are directed to your website to find answers but also to be encouraged to address their dental needs with you. If you have an existing website then you need to ensure that it is modern and in line with current trends. It needs to be fully functioning and it needs to be optimised for Google. If you take care of your website then you will find that it attracts new patients and helps grow your dental practice.

To help your website stand out from amongst the websites of the other dental practices you should use the tried and tested 7 Ps of dental marketing. This is an excellent marketing strategy for dental websites which make sure that your website includes as much information as necessary with regards to your dental practice. The 7Ps of dental marketing have been used for a couple of decades and helped create modern and bespoke dental websites which attract quality patients who are ready to address their dental needs.


The 7 P’s of dental marketing include creating a profile for your dental practice. You need a strong branding which can be recognised throughout the community. You need to create a name which is memorable, inviting and encouraging. It should have a positive outlook and it should attract the interest of new patients, encouraging them to address their dental needs with you.

People & Premises

The next Ps of dental marketing include the people and the dental practice itself. By seeing pictures of your team looking smiling and inviting it may help ease the nerves of your patients and encourage them to visit you in person. In the same way you should include pictures of the dental practice, some of the technology that is available, the different parts of the practice and even a 3-dimensional tour where possible to help boost the success of your dental practice. This helps familiarise the patient with you and your surroundings before they visit you in person, helping to ease their nerves.

Prices, promises, proof & products

Next, the strategy addresses the prices of the treatments and procedures at your dental practice. It also includes promises of quality dental care and fantastic customer service and proof that these promises are being fulfilled at your dental practice. The products that are available at your practice in the form of treatments and procedures including smile makeovers and individually tailored treatment plans are also discussed to help attract patients further. Speak to a specialised and highly experienced award-winning digital dental marketing team today and find out more about designing, developing and creating dental websites that will attract new patients for many years to come and boost the success of your dental practice.

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