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To get that smile looking just right

By taking advantage of the vast range of different treatments that are available from an experienced and friendly denti, patients are able to discover their unique smile at its best.

Professionals are trained to understand a smile and are chosen to be a part of an expert team who have an eye for beauty and an attention to detail. The results allow for a dental practice to have the ability to confidently provide their patients with phenomenal results.

Whether a patient is seeking advice on how to care for their teeth at home properly or treatments that prevent damage to their, or their children’s healthy teeth, their practitioner can address this. If a patient needs restorative procedures to maintain the health of a smile and restore functionality to the mouth, or cosmetic treatments that bring out their natural beauty, giving them confidence in themselves and their smile, these professionals can deliver.

Let’s look at preventive procedures

The current focus on prevention is big, namely because professionals understand that should this field of dentistry be impactful, then the need for extensive restoration is less likely. They understand that people tend to put off needing restorative treatments and this can lead to long-term damage.

By aiding both adults and children alike in caring for their teeth at home, as well as providing in-practice treatments that support the tooth structure, then those teeth have a greater likelihood of remaining strong and healthy for life.

The biggest preventive action that can be employed is education. By educating children and adults on the importance of brushing and flossing teeth twice a day, and on how to brush and floss correctly, productive steps can be taken daily in the battle against plaque.

At the biannual check-up visit, fluoride applications can be placed on teeth as an extra safeguard, strengthening and mineralising the enamel directly.

Children sometimes struggle to brush the back molars effectively, especially in the deep grooves and this can lead to a build-up of food debris. Over time, this can cause enamel erosion and cavities.

By placing a sealant over these teeth and filling in the grooves, these teeth are protected and safe. Eventually the sealant chips away, but it can be replaced.

What about the other treatments available?

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Restorative and cosmetic treatments can be discussed between the patient and their oral healthcare professional as the need arises. Dentists have many different plans and procedures in place to maintain the health of a patient’s entire mouth.

It is only in the worst case scenario where a tooth needs to be pulled. Many professionals will do everything they can to ensure that the original tooth remains in place for as long as possible. Should it be healthier for a diseased tooth to be extracted however, then replacing that tooth is important for the remaining teeth to continue to flourish.

Dental implants are frequently used in these situations because of the longevity and permanence of the treatment. These are especially desirable for single tooth replacements and for younger patients, however there is no upper age limit and they can be used to replace dentures as well.

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