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What Steps Should I Take When Choosing a Care Home for My Parents?

A majority of care and nursing homes provide good quality care, but the public choose to linger on sporadic reports of understaffing, abuse, maltreatment, and poor care. No one can blame us. We’re talking about a home for our aging parents. They took care of us when we were little, and although we want to give that care back, the best thing right now is to put them in a care facility. There, they will be better taken care of than us who work all day.

Talk with the Family

First, when choosing a care home in Sittingbourne, Kent, you need to have a family conversation. Gather every stakeholder around, including your parents, and talk about your options. How do your parents feel about being taken to a care facility? Are they okay with this decision? Would they rather stay in their own house and hire a nurse or caregiver?

Consider All Options

Have you considered all the options? Did you try for your parents to stay with you or one of your siblings? Did you try hiring a caregiver? How about a recruitment village where they can leave independently while someone takes care of their medical needs? Remember that moving into a care home involves not only uprooting your parents from their home but also a huge sum of money.

Understand the Types of Homes Available

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There are two types of care homes for people who cannot live on their own. There’s the residential care health facility where the staff help with laundry, mealtime, and bath time. Then, there’s also the nursing home facility, where the staff provides residential services and 24-hour medical care. The latter has qualified medical staff. There are also care facilities, specifically for people with dementia or severe disabilities.

Source Funds

Care facilities aren’t exactly cheap. You can ask for help from the state, but your coverage will depend on how much you can pay. Again, this is why it’s important to have a long talk with your family. You need to figure out how much you can scrape together every month. That will be the basis of how much you will get from the state. You should also get your parents’ care needs assessed first before applying for any type of government funding.

Search for a Care Home

When you are sure of the kind of care home you need and can afford, it’s time to search for a facility. As much as possible, seek facilities that are near you. You should be able to visit your parents whenever and as much as you can. Your presence will make a big difference in their lives. Find a care home that you can go to every weekend at the very least.

Decide as a family regarding the care facilities that are right for your parents. Even if you are shouldering the bulk of the expenses, be mindful of your parents’ and siblings’ opinions. Leaving your parents to the care of others, albeit better trained, is always a difficult decision to make. You need as much support as possible. You also need to know that your parents are buying into this decision.

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