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When to Buy New Medical Lighting Solutions for Your Practice

Lighting is vital to any medical practice, so there are times you may need to invest in new lights. Here are signs it is time to call a healthcare lighting solutions provider for new, better medical lighting fixtures:

1. Your old lighting is not working anymore

If you bought your medical practice from another doctor, then it is likely you inherited everything that came with it. That includes the list of patients and medical equipment such as surgical lighting and examination lighting.

Unfortunately, lighting does not last forever. For example, surgical lights may last up to 12 years. So, if the medical practice you bought has been around for a long time, then the equipment may be just as old. It may now be time to replace them, especially if some are dim or tend to flicker frequently. There is no way you can continue to provide high-quality care if you cannot see well to diagnose a problem or operate on someone.

2. You are expanding your business

There are so many types of medical lights available in the market today. These vary according to design and function. They also vary depending on the type of light they produce. Your medical practice needs essential medical lighting to operate. But what happens when you expand your business?

The new medical room you add or the new specialist you bring in as a partner needs different lighting to be effective. That means you would need to acquire a different set of healthcare lighting to serve new patients you would attract to your medical practice. For example, if you were a GP, and you partner with a surgeon, then you would need an operating room and the right surgical lights to use during operations.

You cannot use what you have to serve different medical needs. Different medical lights are designed for various purposes. If you use them for the wrong purpose, you may end up making mistakes when treating your patients because you cannot see well. You don’t want to deal with lawsuits simply because you didn’t have the right lighting.

3. Your energy bills are too high

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How much do you pay for your energy expenses? Do you feel that the figure is too high despite all the medical equipment that you use?

The average cost of electricity incurred by UK businesses per year ranges from about £1,250 to £10,700. The prices depend on the size of the company and its needs. If your bills don’t make sense, then lighting could be the problem. Your medical practice could be using lights that are not energy efficient.

You should think about getting LED lights. They tend to be energy efficient. Once you install them, you may notice a drastic reduction in energy bills.

Lighting is one of the most crucial requirements for any medical practice. On any given day, you would need some kind of light to either diagnose a problem or treat health conditions. For that reason, if you see any signs that indicate that your lighting needs to be replaced, call a reputable medical lighting provider. Assess all your options and choose the right lighting equipment for your needs. It is a long-term investment that will help generate revenues for many years.

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