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Crooked teeth – cause for more concern than just appearance value

Most patients consider how their crooked teeth affect the look of their smiles but the concern extends to encompass many more health problems than appearance. What is commonly being referred to as the Instagram generation due to the monumental influence of selfies documenting every aspect of our lives that we find compelled to share on social media, the quest to attain the perfect smile has become a top concern for people in the UK. Just over half of the adult female population – 54 percent – in the UK aged 25 to 34 admit to wanting orthodontic treatment to improve their teeth. With 8 million patients and counting, Invisalign remains a popular option in orthodontic devices available in the market.

Invisalign treatments involve a progressive approach to realigning teeth into a desirable position. These are removable plastic aligner trays instead of metal braces that need to be attached to teeth and manually adjusted by a supervising dental practitioner. Smart technology is what really differentiates this innovative system from conventional orthodontic methods and is clearly the way forward as more advancement is made.

The difference in the industry that the removable teeth-correcting system (using aligner trays) make to give patients the smiles they want revolve around its numerous plus points:

  • Easily removable by the patient when they need to take them out or put back in.
  • Trays are discreet to wear so there is no need to feel awkward about one’s orthodontic treatment.
  • Relatively fast results (on some patients’ teeth are straightened in as little as six months) for simple cases.

 Why it is best to straighten misaligned teeth

Patients will be surprised to learn of the many ways crooked teeth can impact one’s general health and not just dental health.

Increased risk of periodontal disease

Gum disease is most often triggered by poor dental health. When patients find it challenging to clean crooked teeth, food debris left behind create an ideal environment in which bacteria responsible for gum disease and tooth decay can thrive. Dental experts have also now linked gum problems to a whole range of life-threatening medical conditions such as stroke.

woman laughing while workingIncreased exposure to tooth damage

One consequence of crooked teeth is that it can cause the protrusion of the upper or lower dental arch, a condition that carries its own set of risks. The protrusion of the top positioned teeth is at higher risk of damage during a blow to the face while by rubbing against upper teeth, protruding bottom teeth are exposed to increased enamel wear and eventual damage.

Generates bad breath

Along with mouth bacteria, bad breath-causing bacteria are also encouraged to thrive in a mouth with crooked teeth.

Causes headaches

Patients are often unaware that misaligned teeth can be the cause of their headaches as a result of the pressure on jaws muscles generated by the constant rubbing of teeth together.

By having an experienced and qualified dental practitioner at Aura Dental clinic provide you with quality orthodontic care, you can experience the desirable benefits of straighter teeth on health and longevity.

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