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Get rid of gaps in your smile with natural, durable false teeth

For many people losing a tooth or multiple teeth can lead to an array of insecurities. Not being able to chew confidently in public or having to avoid all of your favourite chewy foods because you simply cannot bite into them can result in someone feeling incredibly disheartened. Having gaps in your teeth can also result in you not wanting to smile or be involved in any group photographs, leaving you feeling extremely excluded as you stand behind the camera. Special events such as weddings, birthdays or work dos should be a happy occasion where everyone can relax and have fun, and not being able to relax and join in because of your worries can result in you feeling incredibly unhappy. If this sounds like you and you are fed up of feeling isolated, it may be time to consider getting dental implants in Sydney CBD.

False teeth you can rely on

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When you make the decision to get tooth implants you are most likely to be pleasantly surprised when you discover the simplicity of this treatment. Instead of having to traipse backward and forward to your dental practice you can be rest assured that your treatment can be completed in as little as three appointments, which includes your consultation appointment too. At your first appointment after your consultation you will have some small titanium screws inserted into your jawbone to act as supports for your future teeth. You will need to allow time for your gums to heal around the screws before attaching appliances to them. This can take up to six weeks, depending on your individual circumstances, and which appliance you require will depend on how many teeth that you are missing.

Bridges are used to restore teeth when they are missing on either side of a remaining tooth or alongside one another, whilst partial dentures can be used to replace several missing teeth that are all in a row. Crowns are often used when one or two teeth are missing, but regardless of the appliance that you will need you can be rest assured that your new teeth will look exactly like your original ones, making it difficult for other people to spot that you have undergone treatment. Your future teeth are made from a porcelain material to feel like your original teeth, and they will be permanently fixed in your mouth, so you do not need to worry about your false teeth falling out or being unable to deal with exceptionally chewy foods.

Simple aftercare instructions

Once you have had your new teeth fitted you can expect them to last you a long time, especially if they are well looked after. Implants are easy to look after, and your practitioner will explain how to clean them effectively, answering any questions that you may have and recommending products that would be most suited to your circumstances. In some cases tooth implants can last for longer than ten years, with some patients not needing to replace them once they have had them fitted for the first time. In other situations patients may need to have them replaced after ten years to keep their smile looking refreshed and even.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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