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The Importance of Running Activities

With the avalanche of challenges that we face each day, it is almost like a requirement that we must boost our immune system. One of the best ways to guarantee this is by regular intake of vitamins and strengthening our entire body.

On the other hand, you can also try engaging in physical activities to develop your overall health. However, we understand that not all of us are motivated to dedicate a good deal of our time to lift heavy weights at the gym.

That’s why we’d like to introduce you to a low-impact exercise that can help improve your health, and that’s none other than running.

Health Benefits of Running

First and foremost, let’s discuss why people engage in running activities. We concluded that this activity is sufficient to boost your body’s overall health, and below is a list of benefits supporting that conclusion.

Overall Health Improvement

One of the biggest benefits of running is how it helps improve your overall health. This activity helps boost your blood flow and raise your good cholesterol levels, which significantly reduces the risk of blood clots. Aside from that, it also expands your lung capacity and boosts your stamina.

In addition to physical health, running also helps reduce stress and even encourages your body to produce hormones that battle depression. Both of which greatly contribute to better mental health.

Weight Loss

Another obvious benefit of running is its undeniable assistance in weight regulation. Even half an hour of running will burn lots of excess calories, helping you maintain a slimmer body. In fact, running is one of the top activities that can burn the most calories per minute.

Confidence Boost

One benefit that is often overlooked when listing down the positive outcomes of running is how it helps boost your confidence. Aside from the positive hormones that your body secretes when running, achieving your goals and overcoming the difficulties in this activity help provide a sense of fulfillment. This eventually leads to a noticeable improvement in confidence.

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The Running Items You Need

Since running is a physical activity, you must wear the right apparel for it. This will prevent you from getting sick because of the weather and help keep you comfortable while running. Here is a list of some of the most common clothing pieces you need to wear while running to keep you properly equipped.


One of the most important items you will need is a sunblock. Long exposures to direct sunlight will cause various skin problems and other conditions that are detrimental to your health. A sunblock reduces the number of UV rays that your skin receives, thus lessening the risk of contracting these illnesses. This will also protect you from sunburns. On the other hand, you can try using various effective skincare products from skincare companies such as Harmony and Wellness, along with the sunblock to guarantee that your skin will stay fresh and younger-looking.

Running Shorts or Tights

You must have a pair of lightweight running shorts that doesn’t absorb sweat. Cotton is not a recommended material for running shorts since this may make you feel hot. A breathable and stretchable material is often the ideal choice for running shorts.

On the other hand, shorts don’t do much in cold weather. That is why for the rainy season or morning runs, running tights made with the same material are preferred.

Running Top

For the same reason mentioned above, a top made of cotton is not encouraged for running because of how it absorbs sweat. Your sweat may lead to rashes, irritation and maybe even make you sick when left on your skin and upper body for an extended period.

Non-absorbent material is the best. Also, a not too tight and not too loose top is what you should go after.


The weather can sometimes be unpredictable, and you don’t really want to be in the middle of nowhere when the rain pours and wait for it to stop. To keep on running even when it’s raining or to be able not to cut your run short, a waterproof jacket is a must. This will also ensure your body stays warm, preventing you from getting sick due to the sudden changes in temperature.

Running Shoes

Lastly, and perhaps the most important aspect that you need to pay close attention to, is your footwear. Obviously, you shouldn’t run on flip-flops, sandals, or heavy boots since this may lead to discomfort or even injury. When going on a run, you should wear footwear made specifically for that activity, and that’s none other than running shoes.

Running is one of those activities that require little but return a hundredfold. The multiple health benefits we’ve mentioned are certainly what all of us need at a time like this. A stronger mind and body are essential in living a healthier lifestyle. To help with that, running shoes definitely play a vital role.

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