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Why a website is so important?

Dental websites are vital for marketing your dental practice in this age of digital technology.  Most dental practices have an attractive and effective dental website for their business. Unless yours is up and running you are likely missing out on potential patients because they are unable to find you when they are searching for their dental needs online. If you do not have a dental website already in place or if yours needs modernising and updating then it is important that you speak to a good dental marketing team who are experienced in creating dental websites so that they can create a fantastic website for you too. Most dental practices offer the same treatments and procedures so after a while, dental websites can begin to look similar and feel a bit repetitive however a good dental marketing team will help you by differentiating your website from the others and personalising it to help you stand out from the crowd.

What makes a good website?

By using the 7Ps of marketing to put together a good dental website you can make sure that you have addressed all aspects of your business and that the website itself is individually tailored for you so that potential patients can get a clear idea of what your business really stands for and the USP of your dental practice and your team. The first of the 7Ps of marketing is the profile of your dental practice and this includes looking at your brand, your specialities and your USPs so that this information can be put together to create a wonderful home page. Home pages need to be able to attract the reader within 5 seconds of them coming across the page because research has shown that most people tend to check out the next available option after this time. By putting together a homepage that entices the potential patient to explore the rest of your website further it will boost patient numbers very soon.

The people on your team and the premises of your practice itself are very important in helping you personalize your website. This includes adding plenty of photographs of the people on your team and the actual dental practice itself, allowing potential patients to imagine themselves in your surroundings and reassuring them that this is a place where they will receive quality dental care and good customer service.

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Promises of quality dental care and good customer service is an important part of the 7Ps of marketing. This will be reinforced throughout the website in the content and patients will be reassured verbally further either on the phone whilst booking their appointments or by the dentist themselves in person at the practice.

The proof of quality dental care and excellent customer service is another one of the aspects addressed by the 7PS of marketing which are very important to the potential patient. Proof of quality dental care can be documented using before and after pictures of treatments carried out at your dental practice. Whilst proof of good customer service can be evidenced using reviews and testimonials from existing patients over the time that your practice has been open. By contacting a digital dental marketing team you can find out more about the 7PS of marketing and how they can be used to help attract more patients to your practice using your website and boost the success of your business very soon.

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