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Wondering If Adult Aligners Are for You? Five Advantages of Adult Based Orthodontic Treatments

When it comes to your smile, you want it to look its best.

Yet, in the UK, only 25% of all adults are blessed with a naturally straight smile, meaning that a large percentage of the population could improve their confidence by undertaking orthodontic treatments.

However, there is a natural aversion to undertaking orthodontic treatments, especially as an adult; many consider such treatments pointless, speculating that as long as their teeth are able to bite and chew food correctly, they do not need realigning.

Luckily, there is more to gain from undertaking orthodontics as an adult than a pretty smile, and so, if you are fed up with having an off-centre smile, or are tired of biting the inside of your mouth, undertaking treatment with an aligner may be just what you need!

But what are some of the main advantages of undertaking braces as an adult? Read on to find out!

Improvement in sleep apnoea

A common disorder seen in both medicine and dentistry, sleep apnoea can be improved by undertaking braces.

If your teeth do not fit together correctly, you are at a higher risk of unconscious nocturnal movement; specifically, your lower jaw slipping back and pressing on your airway. This can cause intermittent oxygen deprivation, or sleep apnoea, which prevents you from getting those essential forty winks. An aligner will work to correct the alignment of your teeth, reducing slipping lower jaws, and keeping your airway open.

Temporomandibular joint disorder

Back to that lower jaw causing issues again!

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), is caused when your lower jaw is not properly aligned, causing grinding of the teeth and putting additional strain on the jaw joint. This can lead to headaches, migraines, and once again, poor sleep.

Using a brace will correctly align your lower and upper jaws, reducing pressure on the jaw joint and reducing all of the nasty side effects.

Better digestion

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Did you know that incorrect alignment of the teeth can impact digestion?

As the primary function of teeth is to grind food, if your teeth are not aligned, this seemingly simple task cannot be performed. In turn, this causes larger pieces of food to reach your stomach, causing gastrointestinal issues such as acid reflux and indigestion.

Correctly aligned teeth break down food into smaller, more digestion-friendly chunks and alleviate such unpleasant tummy troubles.

Reduced risk of injury

Teeth that protrude or are misaligned are more likely to cause injury to the lips, inner cheeks, and tongue, especially if you play sports or have a manual job.

Wearing an aligner as an adult can drastically reduce the risk of serious oral injury, by targeting protrusions and correcting them, keeping the soft oral tissues safe in case of sudden impacts.

Oral health

And finally, having treatment with an aligner will improve your oral health.

Straighter teeth are easier to clean and so, if you wear an aligner, once your teeth have been adjusted, you reduce the risk of plaque accumulation, decay, and gum disease from occurring.

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